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Monday, September 18, 2006

Typical Thai Omelet: You should try.

Hi, here I am again.

Someone had written that if you want to success in your business better do your conversation in the nice restaurant. It means that food can do more than just make you lost your hungry.
Actually we can say that food can describe its own culture. Do you agree with me?

Well, for this time I will tell you again about Thai food. If you think cooking food is so boring for you and it makes you wasted your precious time. Anyway, eating frozen food, Fish & Chip or order your favorite Pizza everyday it will be boring and also not good for your health. So now I will tell you one Thai dish that you can do in just a few minutes (and cheap indeed). Sound like fast food, isn’t it? Of course! But believe me it is delicious and healthy.

Typical Thai Omelet

Now there are things you have to prepare:

3 eggs (for 2, 4 for 3 or 5 for 4) as I told you before eaten Thai food with someone you love your meal would be more delicious.
Oil for fry (whatever kind of oil you prefer but I think olive oil is not good for this dish it smells strong, too strong.) But you have to use more oil around 1/2 cup at least, by the way, it depends on how many eggs but I suggest you to use more oil for frying this omelet.
Fish sauce (we call Nam Pla, Nam means water and Pla means fish). This ingredient is very importance it will be difference taste and also smell if you use salt or even soy sauce.
A little bit water, just 1 tablespoon
Black pepper

Way to make it delicious!

(1) Put all eggs in the bowl beat with fork add fish sauce not too much it depends on your eggs 1 tablespoon for 3 eggs, 1 ½ tablespoons for 4 or 5.
(2) Add water and black pepper then beat them together until you can see the bubble in the eggs.
(3) While you’re beating your eggs, put oil in the wok and preheat with high temperature. I suggest you (again) to use wok for frying Thai Omelet. It’s importance also.
(4) When your oil’s already hot put all eggs into the wok. You will see it looked fluffy immediately.
Don’t be hurry to turn over let it’s color turn to golden then turn over and let the other side going gold too.
If your wok is good and your oil is hot enough it will take about 5 minutes.

Now it’s time for sitting up and enjoys your family dinner. Don’t forget to cook your rice before frying omelet, eats hot rice with hot omelet they going well together. Believe me they will be cry over for more Thai Omelet, then or after second.


We have many ways to make this omelet more delicious even look luxury, add any kind of meat you like such as pork mince, chicken mince, shrimp, crap meat or even vegetable; tomatoes, onion, spinach, green pea, corn kernel, young coconut etc. anyway if you put anything that watery your omelet will not so fluffy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thai Delight Dish under 10 $

Thai food is now a cuisine that almost people who ever taste just once will love. Generally people know Thai food as hot and spicy food, actually Thai dishes have a variety of tastes. You may be the one who love delightful Thai food, aren’t you? So why you don’t try to cook by yourself and the secret is ‘don’t eat Thai food alone’ enjoy this special meal with your family or invite your favorite friends in one fine day. You will receive some compliment word from your friends.

Don’t think of the difficulty or a lot of money to spend for cooking Thai food, I will give you one recipe of Thai favorite dish that you can do in your kitchen with in the budget under 10 $. Well, let’s do it together.

Thai Green Curry

Serve 4:

2 tbls green curry paste
1 can coconut milk
400 g chicken breast cut for a bite or any kind of meat you like such as beef, shrimp or even lamb
150 g green pea
1 cup water
Fish sauce and brown sugar for seasoning
Thai basil / chilli for garnish

Way to make it delicious:

Heat a fried pan and add 1/4 coconut milk and curry paste, stirring, until your paste smell nice (beware don’t use high heat it can be burn)
Add chicken or any kind of meat you prefer. Stir fry until done.
Add green pea.
Gradually add the reserved coconut milk and stir until simmering. It takes around 45 minutes.
Taste first, add fish sauce if you need more salty and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar for more sweet.
Garnish with Thai basil and chilli.
Now your curry will become green, creamy, a bit oily and ready to serve.
Serve with cooked long grain rice. (Try Thai Jasmine Rice but it a little bit expensive)

Green curry paste 1$ coconut milk 1$, chicken 4$, green pea 75c, Thai basil and chilli 75c, fish sauce and brown sugar 20c, long grain rice 1$.
Total $ 8.70.

Actually the name of this curry should be ‘Thai Sweet Green Curry’ as Thai name ‘Gang Khiew Wan’
Gang means curry (or any kind of soup and also stews), Khiew means Green, Wan means Sweet. So this kind of curry should be taste just a little sweet.

I’ll give you one secret ingredient: put Thai basil grind in the paste. Your curry will be beautiful green and smell nice.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My First Pavlova

My First Pavlova

Actually I should give this title as “My First time for Baking Pavlova” because this is not my first time to know this New Zealand dessert or eat it.

Why I bake pavlova? Of course I love it. Pavlova is one of New Zealand food I like. For the one who don’t really know about this dessert I will try to explain what it really look like.

Actually pavlova is the name of famous Russian Bullet, Anna Pavlova, in 1899 she joined the Imperial Ballet, and in 1906 she became prima ballerina. In 1907 and 1908 she joined a group of dancers and toured around Europe; Stockholm, Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark and other European cities and of course she came to New Zealand too. With that reason Kiwis love her performance and then gave the name of their loved dessert for her “pavlova”.

That’s the story about the name of pavlova. Now I will tell about pavlova in the dessert. For its shape and color you can see in the picture, its texture is a bit similar meringue (because their main ingredient are same: egg white and sugar) but pavlova is softer, for its taste, sweet of course. It can melt in your mouth when you just put it in your mouth. The way to eat it you can eat it immediately with tea or coffee (for me I prefer tea) or you can decorate with whipped cream and fresh fruit (if you want to do as Kiwis’ way try kiwi fruits it will be nice).

Well, let’s talk about my first time for baking pavlova. I’ve just done it this morning. First I prepared every ingredients and tools (I’ll tell you later) and did it step by step from the cook book. I beat egg whites until stiff add water and sugar and every ingredients one by one, finally I baked it in the oven and waited until it cooked and golden brown.

While my pavlova was in the oven I’ve often to see it and when time past for 30 minutes it looked pretty good; fluffy and color became golden brown. I tasted by put the stick in it and it was clear. My first pavlova was perfect. In the book I have to leave it in the oven until cool so I let it stay there.

15 minutes past I went to the oven and looked at my pavlova. Oh! What happen to it? My lovely pavlova now flatten until 1 in 3 of before. No matter it looked like, I took it from the oven and ate it with warm tea. Not pretty bad. Whatever, it just the first time I will try to do it again.

Now I will tell you its recipe for trying to do by yourself may be you can do better than me. This is the recipe from Edmonds Cookery Book the New Zealand famous cook book.


3 egg whites 1 teaspoon vinegar 3 tablespoon cold water
1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1 cup caster sugar 3 teaspoon corn flour

Preheat oven to 150ºc. Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites until stiff. Add water and beat again. Add sugar very gradually while still beating. Slow beater and add vinegar, vanilla and corn flour. Line an oven tray with baking paper. Draw a 22 cm circle on the baking paper. Spread the pavlova to within 2 cm of the edge of the circle, keeping the shape as round and even as possible. Smooth top surface over. Bake pavlova for 45 minutes, then leave to cool in the oven. Carefully lift pavlova onto a serving plate. Decorate with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Zealand's Story in Stamps

Everybody loves stamps, the tiny paper that can tell a lot about their own countries ; culture, nature, history, the famuos persons, arts, crafts, archeitectures, famous events, even if the modern things that just happened, ect.

People collect stamps some do as a hobby just because they like the small beautiful pictures. Some would like to know the stories inside the stamps. However, stamp is one of first thing for the collecters.

New Zealand's first stamps were the portrait of a young Queen Victoria, were issued in 1855 in the time that this country still in colonial of UK. So in the first time the value in the stamp was in pounds, shillings and pences since 1967 the value in stamp had changed to dollars and cents.

New Zealand's flag :

On the flag there is the Union Jack shown a link with Britain and the Four Stars are the Southern Cross mean the Southern sky. This flag has a meaning of New Zealand used to be a colony of Bristish Empire and later as an independent nation, within the British Commonwealth.

The First New
Before the Europeans had come to this coutry, this land were found by the Polynesian people from Pacific islands "the Maori" who came here by their canoes more than thousand years ago.

They are the one who call this land Aotearoa : Land of the long white cloud . The Moari people have their own cultures even if they came from difference islands. They have their own languages, dresses, the way of life and they have their own stories for telling their new genneration.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

What my weekend look like ?

This weekend the weather was not so good ,anyway it was not pretty bad also. On Saturday I woke up around 8 o'clock. Not so late because I saw in the Star News (free newspaper) that the University book shop would sale the books 1 $ each. Wow, what a wonderful! We ( my husband and I) like the book especailly my husband he could find some text books for his Thesis. So after breakfast and my friend finished her washing three of us my hausband, my friend and I went to University book shop by our car. Even we thought we went early but still hard to find car park. Finally we could buy a lot of books that we like. After that we went to Farmer market at the railway station we bought a lot of vegetable; corianders, leaks, sprouts, cabbage and also we bought apples. Then we went home and I started to cook for lunch just rice and chicken.

After lunch the weather was not so bad so we talked about what would we do in the afternoon because my friend will come back home in nearly soon and she wants to go to somewhere so we agreed to go to Glenfalloch.
First when we arrived there the weather still good sunny and warm but not so long there was cloundy and cold. Otherwise we were happy there.
We took a lot of pictures even there are not so many flowers in this time but still some and the most beautiful there is magnolias. There are many magnolias all of them are the big tree and they are now have a lot of flowers. It's very pretty especially when we stay under the tree and turn the face up WOW! we will see the beautiful pink flowers and the beautiful blue sky. What a wonderful! We took a lot of pictures not only those magnolias but also others flowers. And we had our tea time there in the flower garden. It's the nice time. We took around 2 hours there and went back home.

On Sunday I woke up around 8 : 30 . After breakfast we talked about what should we do because the weather was not so good seem it would rain all day. But no problem for us we have our car and ready to go everywhere (no need to stay at home) so we talked about shopping at at last we went to Tamahine woolshop that was final sale in that week. My friend could buy some sweaters but I bought nothing.

After shopping we just drove the car to see somewhere else not so far that we never went before so we drove on the other road (I'm sorry I'm the one who easily forgotten especially for the way, so I couldn't remember the name of that road) that could go to Mosgil by the other way no need to use the highway one and I think it's the shortcut. On that road we passed the hill and on the bothside are beautiful. We can see the snow on the top of moutain far away. That's very nice.

So what do you think about my weekend. Even it's not pretty good but I think it's not pretty bad also. By the way we could do whatever we want to do no matter with the weather. Right ?




Tuesday, August 01, 2006

First time in New Zealand

My name is Sirikul but you can call me by my nickname "Bee". I came from Thailand.This's my first time in New Zealand, the land of long white cloud. I came here last year on July. I had opportunity to travel to many places especially in the South Island. Not only travelling I also love to take the photo so I have a lot of nice pictures .
So, this is the first time to introduce myself if you want to see how beautiful of New Zealand , you can come to my blog and we will travel around New Zealand together.

Have a good time.


Moving to Forth Street

This is another topic I will tell you. Now I'm studying English at the School of Languages, OTAGO Polytechnic. Our big news is that we are moving to Forth Street

Monday morning (7th August, 2006): Barbara came into our class and she told us about the big news of our school. We have to move to another place “The Big Building” on Forth Street next term. This news made us surprised, especially the old students who have been studying here for many years, such as George and also the teachers (but I think they’ve already known about this before.)

According to Barbara, the new building is big. It has six floors and our school will be on the first. The new school is near the main office of the Polytechnic and the library. We talked about the good and bad points of this topic, such as: it’s near the facility, library and more toilets (William said) and so on.

Anyway on the other hand, we all know that this school has been here for a long time, 17 years. We all love being here. The other problems we talked about is how we go to there, what does it look like, and a big problem is car parking.

Forth Street is in the middle of the city so there’re not so many places for parking, so maybe we will have to park very far away, or maybe, worse, we have to pay for parking!

In my opinion even though I am a new student and I’m just studying here for this course, I love this place. I love the atmosphere. It seems like we are in a real school, a primary school or something like that. This place makes me feel like I’m a young girl again with many friends and kindly teachers. Even though I still don’t really know what the new place looks like, I still will miss this school anyway.

Well, the school will be moved on next course and I still aren't really sure if I can still study or not (because of my visa) but this news made me feel sad also. I can feel how sad everyone is, I mean every teacher and the organizers who work here and live here and also love it like their second home, even some of my friends.

And the saddest thing for me when Barbara said this school will be destroyed and this area used for something else. Anyway, sooner or later it will be happen. So the only thing we can do is “Don’t worry, be happy” and try to our best and face the next problem.

Bye for now,